名称 新星商事株式会社
設立 昭和46年1月5日(創業:昭和8年1月)
本社所在地 〒556-0029 大阪市浪速区芦原2丁目8番19号 新星建材ビル3F
TEL 06-6567-1108 (代表)
FAX 06-6568-1418
E-MAIL info@shinseico.jp
営業所 東京・大阪・南大阪・兵庫・徳島

Company profile

Shinseishoji co.,ltd. has been established since 1933, manufacturing and installation of specialized roof and facade systems and services to meet the unique needs of the metal sheet works industry. Our business partners exist in worldwide. Our multidiscipline expertise and abundant experience are effective not only today’s modern design but also traditional building design and restoration. The entire Shinsei teams dedicate to expand your design proposals and provide highly-advanced technical knowhow which most optimum installation on every your projects.